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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Day two - North Island Champs

The last three games have been great. We have won two from 3. Last night we played a late game against Taradale High and won. Earlier today we played Te Awamutu who served really tough and put pressure on our pass a lot. We lost badly in the first set but came back really strong to win the second to take them to a third set. This was close, but they won by just making less unforced errors so a really good learning experience for the girls. Our next game was aginst a team from Australia, Upwey College. A very big volleyball school. They were a similar team. Tough serving and structured. Our girls again dropped the first set but took the second to take it to a three setter. Our girls played really tough under pressure and it showed they had learnt from the previous game and closed the game out strongly with solid serving and passing along with consistent attack and scrambling. Awesome game to watch. Tonight we have a tough game against Napier Girls College. A big girls school with a lot of athletes to choose from. If we can play as consistent as possible then it is all on!!

We had a birthday celebration for Georgina last too wich was really cool. Thanks to Mrs Burns for that.


  1. Awesome ,thanks for the updates Reidee
    Very proud of our Yr9's, THS staff and crew - stay in the game tonight girls, big effort , back yourselves !!

  2. Awesome girls...keep your heads up you've been playing some top teams and to hold them out to a 3rd set is amazing...learn from each game strategise hard and give your all...so proud of yous!!

  3. And a late happy bday Georgina 🎂🎁🎉

    1. Aue the icons are suppose to be birthday cake pictures lolz

    2. Aue the icons are suppose to be birthday cake pictures lolz

  4. Kool alryt gurls, happy burfday hun hope u hada gud day