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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Indoor Bowls - Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday - Singles Play-offs

Our 4 students that qualified for the singles final 64 bowlers all won their first games relegating them to final 32.  With an awesome effort from all, unfortunately Te Peeti Hiwarau, Manaia Keepa and Leo Bicknell lost their games resulting in an instant knock-out.  Kaja Smith-Nu'u however won her next 2 games putting her into the position of the last 8 final bowlers out of a mega 213 competitors. 

Kaja played her best game of the day against her opposition, narrowly losing to A. Quellet from Tauranga Intermediate, who went on to win 1st place gold medal. 
Our place getters successfully collected points for our school:

32nd Place    
Te Peeti, Manaia and Leo     
(1 point each) 3 points

8th Place     
6 points

A Total of 9 AIMS Games points for Tarawera High School

Thursday - Pairs Qualifying & Play-offs

Today our singles paired with their bowling buddy to qualify for pairs play-offs.  All played some heart stopping shots and we were unlucky to only have 1 pair qualify out of 4.  Sean McCarthy who only joined us 2 weeks ago proved to add lead value to his games providing ground support to his skip Leo Bicknell.  They played a smooth game with Sean planting his brown bowls either just behind or on the jack allowing for Leo to finish some winning ends with points.  They to were very unlucky to continue from this point.

We wish to thank whanau and staff who supported us this week.  Finally, a huge loud applause to coaches Koro and John Dowie for your guys expertise, patience, tolerance, commitment and overall AWESOMENESS...

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